frank luca


This is a set of four high quality 6” x 4” postcards, each featuring a photograph that is uniquely Kamloops-inspired. The back of each card features a custom design. Printed on 100lb Moh Superfine Eggshell cardstock.

For those interested, my first batch of Good Goods is now available! I have created a set of four unique high quality 6” x 4” Kamloops-inspired postcards, each with their own custom back design. These postcards are printed on 100lb Moh Superfine Eggshell cardstock by the good people at Mitchell Press. These turned out exactly as I envisioned them & the paperstock feels so good in your hands, honestly I cannot recommend Mitchell Press enough.  

I am in the process of setting up a webshop for these (& possibly some prints!) but currently they’re available direct from me. If you’re in Kamloops, they’re $6 each or a set of all four for $20! If you live elsewhere, I’ll happily ship ‘em to you for $24 all-in!

Shoot me a message here or give me a follow on Instagram & shoot me a message there to sort something out!

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