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December Playlist

Cover design for December playlist.

Twelve months of playlists concluded, this time with fourteen songs. My goal at the beginning of this year was to make sure I got outside of my musical “comfort zone” as it were. I feel as though I was mostly successful. I discovered many new artists & was able to add quite a few new additions to my record collection. As things stand, I won’t be partaking in this monthly ritual again. Even though it was fun creating 12 custom covers for each of the playlists, I know it’s best that I use my creative energy elsewhere this coming year. With that being said, I’m sure a few playlists may appear periodically as music & art are both important factors in my creative process. For now though, please head to the link here to listen on Spotify: December 2020 Playlist

1. A Winged Victory For the Sullen “Desires Are Already Memories”

2. Matty & Mandaworld “Warm You” 

3. Helios “Never Will You Be Without”

4. Dal “Fontanel”

5. Alaskan Tapes “Real People in Real Places”

6. Kelpe “A Wall Between”

7. You’ll Never Get To Heaven “Closer”

8. Sunken “Over the Days” 

9. Leon Bridges & Lucky Daye “All About You” 

10. Jacaszek “Encounter Me in the Orchard”

11. M. Sage, Lake Mary, Patrick Shiroishi & Chris Jusell “Sugar Maple Turn”

12. Liane La Havas “Weird Fishes”

13. Nils Frahm “My Friend the Forest”

14. HTRK “New Year’s Eve”

14 songs with a total playing time of 62 minutes.

November Playlist

Cover design for November playlist.

Here it is, playlist number eleven, thirteen tracks for an unseasonably tame November. For anyone that’s made it this far, a most sincere thank you. While uncertainty with work commitments fluctuated throughout the year, I did my best to keep this monthly practice going. I am not sure if I will continue it or not next year, but if you enjoyed following along, please be sure to let me know and I will do my best to think of something to make it up to you. At the very least, you’ll get at least one more out of me.

Head to the link here to listen on Spotify: November 2020 Playlist

1. The Antlers “It Is What It Is”

2. Slow Pulp “Falling Apart” 

3. Dal feat. Leah Yeger “Those Days”

4. Palace “Someday, Somewhere”

5. Hrishikesh Hirway “A Moment to Rest”

6. Misha Panfilov Sound Combo “Days As Echoes”

7. Tennis “Need Your Love”


9. Connie Constance “Little Town” 

10. Bing & Ruth “The Pressure of this Water - Maria Somerville Remix”

11. Julia Holter “So Humble the Afternoon”

12. Actress “Leaves Against the Sky”

13. Brian Eno “You Don’t Miss Your Water”

13 songs with a total playing time of 53 minutes.

Echo Bay Vineyard Wine Club

Sometimes you get a shipment of wine in the mail & it just so happens to coincide with some incredible kitchen light. What better way to celebrate the new vintage of Echo Bay Vineyard’s wine than with an impromptu photoshoot? 

While I am not able to provide any tasting notes at this time, needless to say, I am looking forward to enjoying these beautiful wines. Keep scrolling for more after the photos.

A couple of months ago, I received a notification that Echo Bay were accepting new members into their Wine Club. I signed up without much hesitation as I knew that I already loved the wine Kelsey Rufiange makes under her Else Wines label. While Else focuses on fun, flirty natural wines, Echo Bay focuses on, bold, full-bodied red wines, still with that ever-important minimalist wine-making approach.

I opted to opt in to the offered “Lunar Pack” which featured all four of their 2017 cuvees, including a bottle of their “Nella” Okanagan Sangiovese & a bottle of their experimental Cabernet Franc ‘0’, a  single neutral barrel wine, which are both limited to just over 20 cases. Also included is a bottle of Cabernet Franc, a single varietal ‘core’ wine as well as three bottles of their flagship “Synoptic” blend which features the classic six Bordeaux varietals, a wine that I’m very much looking forward to diving in to.

A special gift included with the membership was a bag of Echo Bay Coffee which also just cements them as some of my favourite people around because coffee, not much unlike wine, is near-and-dear to my heart.

There’s not much else to say at this point as I have not yet had the chance to open of these wines but I am very glad I was able to have the opportunity to taste through this, what I’m sure is an, incredible lineup.

For more information on Echo Bay & how you can find their wine, give them a follow on Instagram.

October Playlist

Cover design for October playlist.

I tried, I really tried. I really wanted to get this playlist published before the end of the month, but the universe had other plans. October had proven to be a much busier month than I’m accustomed to lately, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t able to spend some of my time listening to music (old & new). Anyway here it is, a not-as-spooky-as-you-would-expect playlist for October.

Head to the link here to like/follow on Spotify: October 2020 Playlist

1. Sunken “Somewhere Not Real”

2. Epic45 “Ritual Ghost” 

3. Matty “I’ll Gladly Place Myself Below You”

4. Shlohmo “Nice & Shiny”


6. Public Memory “Butcher”

7. Joji “Modus”

8. MorMor “Heaven’s Only Wishful – Extended Version” 

9. Secret Pyramid “Hexes” 

10. You’ll Never Get To Heaven “White Light”

11. Wanderwelle “Amor Fati”

12. Nick Hakim “WTMMG

13. Phoebe Bridgers “Halloween”

13 songs with a total playing time of 58 minutes.

“Memories of Light” Solo Art Exhibition

About a month ago, my first solo art exhibition was installed at a downtown Kamloops coffee shop called Amplified Cafe. It’s titled “Memories of Light” & features selected works made over the last few years, drawing from ordinary and unassuming places, emotional connection & ambient light. Generally speaking, my intent has always been to make images that evoke a sense of nostalgia that are typically rooted in using only natural light. This showcase is a testament to that special kind of relationship I have cultivated with my camera while creating these images over the last three to four years.

Although each of these selected photographs are rooted to a distinct place & time, my hope would be that others are able to find connections between elements that are repeated in these images I’ve made & to their own personal experiences.

The exhibition was curated by my good friend Lea Bucknell & made possible by the TRU Visual Arts Program. It’s still up for another couple of weeks so if you find yourself downtown & in need of a coffee, please go check it out.

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