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October Playlist

Cover design for October playlist.

I tried, I really tried. I really wanted to get this playlist published before the end of the month, but the universe had other plans. October had proven to be a much busier month than I’m accustomed to lately, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t able to spend some of my time listening to music (old & new). Anyway here it is, a not-as-spooky-as-you-would-expect playlist for October.

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1. Sunken “Somewhere Not Real”

2. Epic45 “Ritual Ghost” 

3. Matty “I’ll Gladly Place Myself Below You”

4. Shlohmo “Nice & Shiny”


6. Public Memory “Butcher”

7. Joji “Modus”

8. MorMor “Heaven’s Only Wishful – Extended Version” 

9. Secret Pyramid “Hexes” 

10. You’ll Never Get To Heaven “White Light”

11. Wanderwelle “Amor Fati”

12. Nick Hakim “WTMMG

13. Phoebe Bridgers “Halloween”

13 songs with a total playing time of 58 minutes.

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