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Finally sharing this lovely & weird (only in the best way) & juicy wine! Multiverse is the newest release from my friends Rigour & Whimsy ~ a non-vintage red blend of Syrah / Viognier, combined with an amber blend of Roussanne / Marsanne. The result of this seemingly unconventional wine is a bright, floral, & textured light red that pairs perfectly with nearly any situation! 

The Multiverse label was designed by me & it features otherworldly artwork by the incredibly talented Okanagan-based artist Aaron K. Metz. ✨🍇

Rigour & Whimsy’s Multiverse, a non-vintage blend of Syrah & Viognier, combined with a blend of Roussanne & Marsanne.

Front label of Multiverse featuring artwork by Okanagan-based artist, Aaron K. Metz, alongside a glass of light red wine.

Multiverse, a light red wine being poured into a stemmed wine glass.

A glass of Multiverse, alongside a bottle featuring the label that was designed by Frank Luca Creative.

Detail of the back label for Multiverse, designed by Frank Luca Creative.

A freshly poured glass of Multiverse, in front of the bottle showcasing the label artwork created by Frank Luca Creative.

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