frank luca

“Memories of Light” Solo Art Exhibition

About a month ago, my first solo art exhibition was installed at a downtown Kamloops coffee shop called Amplified Cafe. It’s titled “Memories of Light” & features selected works made over the last few years, drawing from ordinary and unassuming places, emotional connection & ambient light. Generally speaking, my intent has always been to make images that evoke a sense of nostalgia that are typically rooted in using only natural light. This showcase is a testament to that special kind of relationship I have cultivated with my camera while creating these images over the last three to four years.

Although each of these selected photographs are rooted to a distinct place & time, my hope would be that others are able to find connections between elements that are repeated in these images I’ve made & to their own personal experiences.

The exhibition was curated by my good friend Lea Bucknell & made possible by the TRU Visual Arts Program. It’s still up for another couple of weeks so if you find yourself downtown & in need of a coffee, please go check it out.

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