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April Playlist

Cover design for April playlist.

If you are like me and had difficulty adjusting to life back in March, I am not sure April has been much kinder.  But alas, we push on because we really have no other option. On the positive side, I have been able to keep up with my monthly playlist for a fourth month running, I have no choice now but to keep going. 

So here it is, the soundtrack to my April, or “music for isolation” as I have opted to refer to it.  Please go give it a follow, or a like, or whatever it is that Spotify encourages. Head to the link here: April 2020 Playlist

For the non–Spotify users following along, here it is in list form:

1. Nils Frahm “Sonar”

2. Ruby Haunt “Sunbelt”

3. Fog Lake “Push” 

4. Rival Consoles “Winter’s Lament”

5. Modern Nature “Flourish”

6. Six Organs of Admittance “Mark Yourself”

7. Alaskan Tapes “Sleeping Since Last Year”

8. Bruised Skies “Place I Know”

9. Bing & Ruth “I had No Dream” 

10. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith “The Steady Heart” 

11. Western Mind “Interior”

12. Kelpe “All the Way Round”

12 songs with a total playing time of 63 minutes.

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